Viridity came into existence as the ownership group of FiveStar Lifestyles was challenged with the demands of updating their first-class golf courses. But they weren’t interested in shopping ‘construction’ or ‘landscape’ companies. They were looking for more – shared vision, insight, and expertise. They wanted young, energetic, passionate individuals that had the experience and training to do all of the work they needed. They wanted a collaborator, a partner. And that’s how Viridity was born.


We take great pride in our work. Which is why we take on high-end projects for top golf courses in the region. We work with clubs that share our dedication to creating beautiful, highly-functional, world-class golf courses. And we believe this vision will ultimately lead us to work with the top courses worldwide. Viridity takes passion to a completely new level. It’s built into who we are.


Viridity has respect for the game and we have a respect for our fellow golfers. A construction site is by nature messy, but careful consideration is taken to protect the integrity of the member experience. Our staff is always polite and in uniform. Our work site is contained and tidy. Communication is our primary focus, providing weekly project updates, and management on site regularly to streamline project goals. In the end, we deliver an experience that club members and management can value, and enjoy the benefits of, for years to come.


There is a difference between a staff and a team. A team is a brotherhood of like-minded individuals that come together to achieve a common goal. A great team grows together. They learn from each other. They go through the fire together. They bring that passion and camaraderie with them to each project. When Viridity takes on a project, we bring our team. We find associates that align with our core values and we work together as a team. This is something you can’t outsource.